Are we ready for an inbound medical tourism industry?

While Australians are travelling abroad for cheap medical care, international visitors are coming here for quality care they can trust.Cyrus Tahir brought his mum Rabia from Pakistan to undergo corrective surgery in Adelaide Article written by Jill Margo. Health Editor of the Australian Financial Review When Rabia Tahir arrived at Adelaide airport last year,… Read more

Reversing a Medical Journey Nightmare

Imagine being thrust into a situation where you are facing decades of permanent incontinence. In laymen’s terms, imagine, as a mature functioning adult, wearing nappies for the rest of your life. This was the fate facing a Pakistan woman, forcing her to seek care and an alternative approach in Australia. Dr Brian Symon and Medical… Read more

MCA Part of Government 2018 Investment and Trade Statement

The 2018 Annual Investment and Trade Statement showcases the support provided to South Australia’s companies during the last 12 months to embrace the opportunities that are arising from doing business on the world stage. This year’s statement highlights South Australian companies experiencing success in doing business in the state, nationally and internationally and how new… Read more